The Vineyard


OUR WINE: A unique varietal local to the region

The Verdesse is the only varietal that we grow. This alpine grape is well suited to our terroir, situated
on a glacial deposit at about 350m in altitude.

This unique wine is full-bodied, well balanced and leaves an impression of fresh fruit on the palate.

Vigne en bourgeonnement - Le Mas du Bruchet


The wine’s unique flavors will pair exceptionally well with goat and pressed cheese, white fish (as well as lobster), roasted poultry,
rabbit and savoury vegetarian tatins. Paired with artichoke and cheese soufflé will be a true revelation.

Serving temperature: 12°C

Optimal drinkability: Drinkable upon release, best after one year and keeps to 2-5 years.

Récolte de Verdesse - Le Mas du Bruchet


The winemaking process starts with picking which we usually plan in early October. The wine is hand picked in the early morning while the outside temperature is low. The grapes are pressed slowly at low pressure to avoid crushing the stems. The must is transferred to barrels for barrel fermenting and remains in the barrels for a full year. No additives are included in the process except for small amounts of mandatory sulfites. 

After a year in barrels the wine is kept in vats for 6 months to clear and is bottled with or without filtration.

The yield is very low in order to guarantee the high quality that we aspire to reach. The annual production is around 2500 bottles. The alcool content ranges between 12,5% to 14,5% with no chaptalisation.

Mise en Bouteille Verdesse Le Mas du Bruchet

If you’re interested to purchase our wine, get in touch here. We sell it directly at the property or at the following local wine shops:

• La Cave de Montbonnot, Montbonnot Saint Martin

Cavavin, Saint Martin d’Hères

L’Echanson, Grenoble et Crolles

La Cave de La Halle, Mens